Sonora Street Improvements

Civil Engineering

West Sonora Street Improvement,

approximately 4,000 feet of street reconstruction, underground wet utility
improvements and curb ramp replacements on W. Sonora Ave. from S. West Street to S. E Street.  Our
scope of work.

 Replacement of (39) Curb ramps
 Replacement of (5) Drive Approaches
 Replacement of (6) Alley Approaches
 1,851 LF of New Water Main (and associated valves and services) – Howard – D St.
 Adding Fire Hydrants as necessary to achieve City standard spacing
 3,920 LF New Sewer Main (and associated man holes and sewer laterals) – West – E St.
 Installation of (15) Storm Drain Inlets, laterals and associated manholes
 Full Street Section replacement of Sonora utilizing a Full Depth Reclamation Process:  TI: 6.5.  Our

Task 1: CAD and Plan Production Assistance

 Cover Sheet
 General Notes
 Street Cross Sections
 Street Construction Plans & Index Sheet (Assumed 1”=20’ scale, 5 sheets). Storm drain improvements
will be shown on these sheets but because they are more minor in nature we are not anticipating that
profiles will be needed for the storm drain. We may include profiles at utility crossings if an out of
the normal type crossing is required.
 Utility Plan and Profiles Sewer and Water (Assumed 1”=20’, 7 sheets)
 Curb Ramp Detail Sheets (Assumed 4 per page at 1”=5’, 10 sheets). Ramp details will include
elevations, dimensions, and will show transitions to the existing concrete sidewalks.
 Alley and Drive Approach Details (Assumed 2 per page at 1”=5’, 6 sheets)
 Construction and City Standard Details (Assumed 5 pages)
 Striping and Signage Plans (Assumed 1”=40’, 2 sheets). We will provide a larger scale in the section in
front of the schools if necessary.
Construction Documents
 Cost Estimation
 Specification

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